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My name is Nick Stubbs, I am a professional wedding photographer and I also shoot commercial and stock photography. I have been using and loving SLR cameras since 1980 (when I was 13) and probably like you, am quite addicted to the whole photography thing!

I have now started a wedding photography business three times. Once in the early 1990's, once when we moved to Spain towards the turn of the century and now once again after moving back to the UK last year. It still surprises me how addictive this business is!

Weddings are also big business with around 2.4 million marriages taking place in the US alone each year creating a $60 billion dollar industry and it is only getting bigger! Statistics say that the average wedding costs around $30,000 or £15,000 and the 3rd largest cost is the photography or videography!

Some of the weddings I shot last year were way above that with one in particular costing as much as $500,000! I have always believed and still do, that weddings are "recession proof" which is why there is always work out there for the likes of you and me!

After all, many weddings are booked 2 or 3 years in advance so if a recession strikes, those people still get married. The flip side is that many people also look to book weddings during a recession or economic downturn as they can usually lock in excellent prices for 1 or 2 years in advance!

So, am I not damaging my own business by helping others? Hardly, as I expect this eBook to sell around the world and not just in Dorset ; )

Plus I know that with the foundation, contacts and referrals I have made over the years, I barely need to rely on advertising anymore. This is one reason I started teaching in the first place...my business felt solid plus I enjoy teaching.

With the world getting smaller and travel getting cheaper, around 15-20% of weddings are now "destination weddings" outside of the couples countries of residence. Couple that with the population ever expanding and Digital SLR's and technology in general getting cheaper, this means two things.

  1. There is plenty of wedding photography out there for us all to grab
  2. There has never been a better time to get into wedding photography

I almost envy people getting into this business now. Digital photography has made it so much easier and cheaper with regards to being able to manipulate your images without the hassle of a darkroom and to be able to see your work in an instant, although this also has its downsides (e.g. constant "chimping" and people asking "Ooh! Can I have a look at that one"?).

I assisted my first wedding at the age of 17, way back in 1984 and I started my first part time wedding photography business in London and Surrey in the early 1990's. I moved to Spain in 1998 and started completely from scratch once more and became quite successful with a thriving business on the south coast of Andalucia.

Now I am back in the UK and starting from scratch again and I love it! If I can do it three times...so can you! The hardest thing is breaking out of your "comfort zone" and trying something new and difficult. You only live once and as the Honda ad says,  "Difficult is Worth Doing".

I love that ad because it really motivates me. I spent nearly 3 years skydiving and towards the end I was doing practice freefall camera jumps learning to be a skydive photographer. I won't say why I gave up...

The main message in this New Wedding Photography Blueprint ebook is that anyone can do this. If you have a passion for photography and the desire to succeed at this, there is room for everyone...and if not, make room by learning, practising and building a drop dead portfolio using our tips and techniques!

I am not here to teach you to replicate MY style, that wouldn't do at all. I have built this complete wedding photography blueprint system to enable anyone, (even a novice with a little experience with a DSLR), to be able to learn at their own pace, everything to do with shooting weddings. At the end, you should feel completely comfortable and confident enough to go out and get a piece of the action for yourself.

See it as learning to build a foundation of knowledge and techniques upon which you can slowly integrate and grow your own style.

I have designed this as a home study course with some exercises throughout so that you can learn the entire process of shooting weddings in a step by step process from the reccying the venues right through to the final output of your images.

So...we take you through every stage of a typical wedding, showing you everything from;

  • Which equipment you should need
  • Which camera settings to use
  • How to deal with low light
  • When to use flash
  • How to shoot in available light
  • How to control the people for the formals
  • ...plus loads more!

We also give a list of valuable resources in the eBook including which accessories and add-ons you can use (both hardware and software) to make your wedding photos look professional and stand out from the crowd.

We dispel all the myths about wedding photography and make the whole process as simple as possible and guarantee that your confidence will be so strong by the end, you will be bursting to get started!

I hope you enjoy the eBook and that it helps you to get where you want to be!

Wedding Photography Blueprint